Thursday, December 27, 2012


A new year is soon here and time to start over for so many reasons. These pages will hopefully be filled with lot of different stuff during the year 2013 and years to come.
My old diary will not be in use anymore, but it will be possible to look at old posts in it though. The link is here: Anitha Astermanns diary

Nothing old will be moved over here. Now it's time to start all over from scratch :-)
You are all welcome to follow it on the road. Just as my old diary this will show stuff from my life in good and bad (maybe). Something is worth sharing and some are not. Will not promise that there will be news here everyday, but when I am in the mood and have something I think it's worth sharing it will show up here.
Spam and drama are not welcome! I will have a certain control over that, like it or not.

Some people say that there is something called real life (RL) out there and that second life (SL) is for fun, live out your dreams and do stuff you don't dare to do in RL. Well, I agree but still those two lives goes hand in hand for me. No, I can't physically touch your skin, but I can feel it and a person's presence. Have you ever seen the wind? I haven't! I can see it play in the trees, play with the snow and I can feel it but I have never seen the wind itself. Not sure what I'm trying to say here, but think I'm showing a little about the person behind these posts and how I see my SL :-) I'm far from perfect and I think that will show in here too. No one are, even though my ex boyfriend (bf) thought he was but he didn't knew better, poor man :-) Some see SL as a game, I'm not a part of any game and don't see it as a game. It doesn't mean that I think of anyone any less. I think that if we can accept and respect each other, then we will have lot of fun and a great SL all together. Be unto others as you want others to be against you!
At Calas Galadhon, my favorite places of them all

Some interests I have is dancing, music, learning and exploring. Little bit of everything will show up here I believe. I take one day at the time and see what happens. I love meeting new people from all over the world and most of the time I do meet them when I'm out on the road. I can't get stuck at one place or I would run the walls down after a short while. Sounds strange, I know but no one is coming and knocking on my door so I have to leave my home to meet them ;-)

Wish you all a great day and Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2013..